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Business Centre "B66" in Kaunas

The total area of the 3-4 storey business centre in K. Baršauskas street is over 5 300 sq m, 4 930 sq m of which is offered for rent. Modern heating, cooling and ventilation systems implemented in the business centre will ensure great comfort for the business centre employees. Four hundred of them will have a chance to settle in the business centre. For the comfort of the employees, a relaxation zone with benches and green spaces is established in the inner yard of the building. Throughout the summer months, this could be the place to have dinner or simply enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time. Once the construction works are completed, public spaces around the building will be cleaned up and new greenery will be planted. A spacious parking area will be built near the new office.

The micro-district in which “YIT Kausta” is realizing this business centre, over recent years, been seeing extremely active development. More recently, the “Santaka” Valley of Kaunas Technology University has been established, aiming for smooth science and business collaboration. The “Molas” supermarket has been renovated, the residential housing project “Šilo namai” is currently under development and a new “Lidl” supermarket is under construction as well. 

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Linas Savickas
Project manager