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Buying a home with a mortgage loan

Have you finally found your dream home? Can you already see where you will drink your morning coffee or where the sofa and TV will stand? Congratulations! You are only a few steps away from holding the key of your dream home in your hands. 

  • Contact your bank manager and discuss your financial possibilities in regards to acquiring a new home.

    We recommend you evaluate offers from at least a couple of banks. 
  • Choose the apartment you like and book it. You can do it verbally during a phone call. Booking is valid for 3 days.

    During this time, consider what kind of a home you would like to acquire – with whole or partial furnishing. Perhaps there are details that you would like to change? 
  • Come see us and sign the preliminary housing contract. After singing the contract, you will have to transfer a deposit within 5 days. This deposit should make up 15-20 percent of the total cost of the apartment.

    Important! Do not forget to bring a personal identification document with you (personal identification card or passport). 
  • If you have decided that you wish to change the apartment project or are looking for a fully furnished apartment, please inform us and we shall sign an additional agreement along with the preliminary contract.

    We will prepare the furnishing project for free and you can choose the furnishing materials from our catalogue. Maybe you already have an interior project in mind? Provide us with the project and we will set up your home according to your wishes. 
  • We will inform you about the end of the work as soon as it is finished. We will invite you to come and sign the act of apartment construction completion in a pre-arranged period of 15 calendar days. 
  • Provide the chosen bank with the signed preliminary housing contract. After the bank gives a positive decision about providing the loan you will receive a confirmed comfort letter or you will sign a loan contract. 
  • Pay the remaining amount (i.e. the remaining amount that is not covered by the bank loan) for the apartment and after setting up an appropriate time for signing the main sales and purchase agreement; sign it at the notary office.

    Important! Do not forget to have a personal identification document, comfort letter issued by a bank or a signed loan contract and funds to pay for the notary services. 
  • After signing the main sales and purchase agreement, your apartment keys and its exploitation rules will be handed over to you.
  • Time to announce – the home is yours! Register the real property acquired at the SE “Centre of Registers” or order the register service at the notary.

    Important! Do not forget to have a personal identification document with you.
  • If you have not yet signed the loan agreement with a bank, go to your crediting bank and sign it. The bank personnel will make sure that your property is insured and put in place.
  • After receiving the final payment from the bank for the acquired or pledged property, we will contact you and will issue a confirmation certificate, that you have made a final settlement for the acquired property.

    Important! Present this certificate to the SE “Centre of Registers” – the flat ownership document will have the mark “Debt for acquired property” removed. 
  • Set up agreements with utility service providers for water, electricity and heating.

    Important! You have to set up these agreements within 30 days after signing the main sales and purchase agreement. You can find the information about the necessary institutions in the contract or you can simply ask us for assistance. 

If you have any questions at any step along the way, contact us and we will help you acquire your home without worries.

Monika Matulytė
Sales manager in Vilnius
Vaida Pocienė
Sales manager in Kaunas
Gintvilė Jankūnienė
Sales manager in Kaunas


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Monika Matulytė
Sales manager in Vilnius
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Gintvilė Jankūnienė
Sales manager in Kaunas
Vaida Pocienė
Sales manager in Kaunas
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