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Carefree living throughout the year


We will compensate the following acommodation costs for an entire calendar year after purchasing your home:

  • Heat energy
  • Electricity
  • Water consumption
  • Building administration costs for the purchased property

Offer validity conditions:

  • The offer is valid from the 8th of June, 200 until the 31st of August, 2020.
  • The offer is valid when purchasing property in the apartment building of “YIT Lietuva”, UAB, “9 bijūnai” (eng. 9 Peonies) in Klaipėda.
  • The offer is valid for one calendar year and is calculated from the date of the signing of the main apartment purchase – sales agreement.
  • The offer conditions are applicable, if the preliminary agreement on the conclusion of the main apartment purchase – sales agreement or the main apartment purchase – sales agreement is signed during the period of the offer. The conditions of this offer are not valid for apartment purchase – sales agreements, which were concluded before the commencement of the offer, before the promotion was published.
  •  The amount of the discount is cannot be exchanged to cash and the price of the apartment cannot be reduced by the size of the discount.

New home to be inspired by everyday at the port city


In Bijūnai street, breathing with inspiration and telling the story of an endless summer, in the centre of Kaipėda, a new project of a four storey residential building is finished. Choose a home where you’ll be able to create the history of your new home without distancing yourself from the heart of the city.

Only several minutes by foot to the cosy old town, the refreshing Smiltynė ferry port or the Trinyčiai park shrouded in peace

New playgrounds for children – for the joy and communication of the little ones

Modern construction standards and a Finnish quality for reliable living

Convenient underground parking lot for coming home without a single care

A friendly neighbourhood of the newly built “Jurginai”, “Bijūnai” and “Minijos banga”

A developed infrastructure and the close by cultural, sales and amusement centres for a convenient traffic and qualitative leisure time

The indicated areas are preliminary and can change

Project visualizations may not match the actual situation, once the Project is completed

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Architect of the Project
Edmundas Andrijauskas

"The Project, just like other buildings we previously designed in this block, form humane internal and public spaces, restoring the balance between street and yard spaces marred after the war. Finishing solutions reflect the ceramic brick and yellow plaster colour gamut characteristic to Klaipėda. Moderate means of architectural expression should gradually become the distinctive feature of Lithuanian Klaipėda again.”

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Aurelija Mockuvienė
Sales manager in Klaipėda


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Aurelija Mockuvienė
Sales manager in Klaipėda