Can you see it?

When you‘re looking at the rippling Nemunas in the sun everyday or watching the changing beauty of the seasons through your windows.

Can you hear it?

The sound of the homes surrounded by the whispering trees, the whistling of the Panemunė pinewoods and the streaming river near by.

Can you smell it?

The freshly cut grass in the yard and the smell of pinewoods coming to your home through the open windows, what morning smells like with a fresh cup of coffee.

Can you feel it?

When time stops when you‘ve come home and all of it belongs just for you and those you love. Where it is good to be, rest, be joyful and make plans everyday...


...because this is the feeling of a true home.


Would you like to live here?

We‘ve created such home for you, in a shelter of nature, away from the main streets, but at the „Šilo namai“ hiding just near the centre.

It’s a classic closed block of twelve buildings of Scandinavian architecture; with cosy green relax zones, safe playgrounds for our little residents, balconies and terraces on the first floors. Soon the eleventh building of the “Šilo namai” settlement will rise.

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