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Territory providing privacy feeling

Safe and colorful playgrounds for your kids

Small and friendly community

Užupis... ... and it‘s etude

Unexpectedly wandering to Vilnius Užupis and going down the hill towards the Old Town, a day is catched by sun rays, highlighting city roof tops and church towers, and at night – by the starred dome of the sky. It is a place cherished by art, imagination creative flight. It has all what makes people grab a brush or a pen, to create music or to dream after being tired from daily noise, and what makes us feel creators. Here, in the place called Užupis Republic which reminds of Montmartre in Paris, just in island of 600 square meters, there starts a day of loving, creating and enjoying the moment person. Your day...

The complex of three „Užupis etude“ houses harmonious blends into the architectural space of the Old Town. Pitched roofs, house facades of the clinker bricks, windows decorated by shutters and green recreation areas allowing those who live here to feel good when welcoming a morning and finishing a day.