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  • Head of Virtustream LT
    Kamilė Ciechanavičiūtė

    „People willingly  go to work - modern, bright and stylish premises trigger a lot of good emotions and help to work. Well-considered, consistent design of premises  allows employees to focus on important tasks, cooperate with team members and relax during breaks. All of this perfectly corresponds with the high standards set by our international company. Thanks to the project developer, we were able to create the office that is almost the same as the Virtustream offices in Atlanta and New York! I am happy that both the settling and the presence in these premises do not cause any challenges.“

  • “We immediately felt the positive influence of this business center on the employees - there is a good atmosphere, promoting to work. For a long time, we had missed more spacious premises where each employee would have more both personal and common space. People love the fact that when being in the office they have more access to nature - the interior is full of components of nature and wood. All this creates a harmony between the building and the environment. Fantastic place – an easy access to the office from different locations."

    Head of Procurement of Intrum Group
    Paulius Taruta
  • Deputy Director General of „Teltonika“ in Kaunas 
    Giedrius Kukauskas

    “When moving to new premises, it is very important that everyone would comply with the agreed deadlines. So we didn't have any disturbances and the entire team was able to relocate at the agreed time. The project developers have kindly taken our needs into account, both in terms of the size of premises rented and the installation. Employees are excited to be able to work in modern spaces every day – this becomes an additional incentive for more efficient work. It is great that the lounge areas also stimulate creativity - there are plenty of bright colors and style accessories, board and computer games' spaces are installed. Everyone feels freer and more comfortable, which is also reflecting in our results. ”

  • “Parents working in this business center are surprised that the business center also has a kindergarten. This is extremely comfortable for them, moreover - safe. Both because of the safe environment created by the entire business center and because we have a separate yard. Of course, a quality building installation creates many advantages, so children have a really comfortable, bright and cozy premises. In addition, everyone here feels like one big family.“

    Director of kindergarten „Vaiko šypsena“
    Indrė Kavoliūnaitė

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