Product of the year award

2017 Shopping valley Nørdika in Vilnius                                                              2017 „Naujoji Rivjera“ residential project in Vilnius                                              2016 Martynas Mažvydas national library of Lithuania
2016 "Užupio etiudas" residential project in Vilnius
2015 Business Centre in Vilnius "Grand office"
2015 "Upės rezidencija" residential project in Vilnius
2013 Shopping Centre in Vilnius "IKEA"
2012  VU Library Scholarly Communication and Information Centre in Vilnius
 "Ivabaltė"Agricultural Machinery Trade Center
2008 "Rivera" residential project in Vilnius
2006 "Aušros namai" residential project in Kaunas
2006 Shopping and Leisure Centre in Kaunas "Mega"

FOR sustainable development

2015 Best area conversion to attraction the center award for Viršuliškių multifunctional center, which developed a high-rise, A energy efficiency class office building Grand Office, residential houses Solo City and shopping center Prisma.
2014 "Šilo namai" residential project in Kaune
2010 "Rivera" residential project in Vilniuje

Other awards

2017 "Lithuanian BIM awards 2018" – residential project "Šilo namai" in Kaunas - best housing project
The business home DUETTO is the greenest building and business center in Lithuania
2017 "Lithuanian BIM awards 2017" - Business home "Duetto" in Vilnius - best public project
"Lithuanian BIM awards 2016" - "Naujoji Rivjera" in Vilnius - best residential project.
 "Upės rezidencija" best residential project in the Baltic region
2014 Successfully Operating Company
2013 Business center in Vilnius "Grand office" "Eko office 2013"
2012 Successfully Operating Company
2011 Sustainable construction of the year
2009 Ministry of Environment Diplomas "For socially and environmentally responsible activities, active participation in the improvement of business conditions in Lithuania, long-term high performance, communication, and the quality of development projects and the creation of a comfortable living environment." 
2007 residential project in Vilnius "Krivių namai" exhibition „Žvilgsnis į save“ diploma for good sybiosis of nature, environment and modern life.
2006  " Successfully Operating Company" honarary diploma