About YIT

YIT is the biggest construction company in Finland and a major player in Northern Europe. Together with our customers, our 8,000 professionals create increasingly functional, appealing and sustainable cities and living environments. We are engaged in the development and construction of apartments and business premises. Our specialization also covers the construction of infrastructure and asphalting works. 8,000 professionals, together with clients, create more functional, attractive and sustainable cities and environments. We have operations in 10 countries: Finland, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. The new YIT was created when YIT Corporation merged with Lemminkäinen Corporation on 2018 February 1. Total annual turnover in 2017 was almost 3.8 billion. EUR YIT Corporation shares are quoted by Nasdaq Helsinki Oy. www.yitgroup.com


    We care about our customers and personnel  |  We look for environmentally sustainable solutions

    We are open and share knowledge  |  We involve and partner to succeed 

    We trust and build a positive spirit  |  We empower people to innovate and challenge

    We aim high with quality, expertise and results  |  We work ethically and keep our promises

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