New Skansen is a reviving for new life and rapidly expanding district of the capital, located just outside the center of Vilnius. Here, new homes for business are settling in - two modern business centers inspired by Scandinavian culture - not only cozy for a person but also respectful to the environment.

Business centers

Business center Žalgirio St. 112

Business center Linkmenų St. 17A

Environmentally friendly business centers

dot2.png      Energy efficiency class A+

dot2.png      BREEAM – International Certificate of Sustainable Buildings

imageqf07d.png      Charging stations for electric cars

dot2.png      Bicycle storage

„These are the offices that focus on cosiness and workers' comfort. The planning was designed to create an optimal balance between urbanization and energy as well as preservation of the environment.“  

Architect Daiva Pauliukonienė

 „The location of these buildings is special. The city center is at your fingertips, cycle paths are being built, housing estate and recreational area are being created in synergy next to the office buildings. It's an area that breathes in progressiveness.“

Architect Algimantas Pliučas

For your comfortable everyday life

dot2.png      Fresh air. Modern, high-efficiency ventilation system with air humidification.

dot2.png      Natural light. Bright work spaces filled with natural lighting every day.

imageqf07d.png      Silence when needed. Acoustic comfort inside the premises.

dot2.png      Parking only for you. Automatic car registration plate reading system.

dot2.png      Safety. Video camera surveillance system and territory protection.

imageqf07d.png      324 parking spaces for cars at two business centers.


Business center Žalgirio St. 112

Purpose: Administrative
Area rented: 7215 sq. m.
Area of a typical storey: 1963 sq. m.
Rental price: 14  €/m2

Business center Linkmenų St. 17A

Purpose: Administrative
Area rented: 5788 m2
Area of a typical storey: 1423 m2
Rental price: 14  €/m2


Business center Žalgirio St. 112

Business center Linkmenų St. 17A


Business center Žalgirio St. 112

Business center Linkmenų St. 17A


Valdas Gerbutavičius
Commercial real estate project manager in Vilnius

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