Asphalt production

Asphalt production


YIT Lietuva has asphalt concrete plants in Vilnius and Gargždai. The mixers of the plants are modernised every year, ensuring a maximally automated production process and enabling the production of a wide range of asphalt mixes to meet the needs of all customers. It is possible to dose various additives to further improve the quality of the asphalt produced, to produce coloured asphalt mixes and to use used asphalt pellets for the production of new mixes. We can store the asphalt mix in our high-capacity storage facilities, which ensures a continuous production process that allows us to flexibly meet our customers' needs.


The company offers asphalt concrete, crushed mastic and soft asphalt mixtures to its customers. The internal production control system for asphalt mixtures is certified and is evidenced by certificates issued by a notified body. The certificates of conformity of the internal production control confirm that all the provisions related to the assessment and verification of the constancy of performance in accordance with System 2+, as described in Annex ZA of EN 13108-1, EN 13108-3, EN 13108-5, have been applied, and that the internal production control complies with all the requirements set.


YIT Lietuva is one of the first companies in Lithuania to be certified as a manufacturer of very thin layer asphalt concrete mixtures for the installation of asphalt top layers from 20mm to 30mm. Asphalt pavements made from this type of asphalt concrete mix have good resistance to rutting and can therefore be installed on the carriageway of heavily trafficked streets, bus and trolleybus stops, intersections, bridges, viaducts and flyovers. The mixture consists of a mixture of minerals with a non-uniform granulometric composition, a polymer-modified binder and additives to stabilise it. The first asphalt-concrete mix was designed and tested in the company's laboratory.