New Skansen - to live here and be proud of it

New Skansen are new Scandinavian style houses, which are close not only to your heart but also to the city, emerging in the city center between Žalgirio and Linkmenų Streets. One can easily reach all key points of Vilnius city from New Skansen. Life is in one tune with work, saving you both time and energy. After getting home from work in time, you can focus on all of it just for yourself.

A day without rush. To live here and not to hurry.

The day here is different because you can start your morning by having a run along the river Neris, having a cup of coffee and chatting with the owner of the café. To admire Vilnius in the early morning with no hurry, taking a leisurely walk, to get to work on time and reach home comfortably when needed.

Gabrielė Martirosian Naujasis Skansenas
Gabrielė Martirosian Naujasis Skansenas

For the real city person.

A true city dweller will find a real home shelter here, but as soon as the door of your home is opened, he or she will be able to dive straight into the life of the capital, where unlimited possibilities emerge to create, seek, have a good time and explore. The National Gallery of Art and Sakura Park are nearby, and within 15 minutes of walking distance you can reach the Old Town of Vilnius with a plenty of cultural events, theaters, museums or coffee shops with a colourful, active and vibrant life. It just feels so good to have the city under your feet and be able to choose whether to stay in a cozy home or change your mind and dive into the city life at any time. It only takes a few minutes. After all, everything is at your fingertips.

Always in the center of events.

There are so many things that need to be coordinated during the day, so home, which is close to work, shopping centers, cafes and the city centre, close to the river Neris, is a real gift. Between abundance of works you can come back home and rest for at least a few minutes. Just 5 minute distance from home are four major shopping and entertainment centers - Akropolis, Ozas, Panorama and Europa. New Skansen is also surrounded by many business centers, so you are just a few steps away from getting to work.




Architect of the Project
Algirdas Kaušpėdas

“Here we have implemented three relevant principles of urban development: a community city, a green city and a healthy city. All three principles have gained concrete expressions: green areas in courtyards, sports trails and equipment. In this project, we have realized the old dream of harmoniously weaving community, public and private spaces into one urban fabric.”


  • Ivykiu-centre-2.png

    Always in the center of events
    great accessibility of the Old Town, business and shopping centers. Only 10 minute distance from the shopping centers Panorama, Akropolis of Vilnius, Ozas and Europa and only 10 minutes to the Old Town, cafes and concerts. Is there anything better than this?

  • dizainas-2.png

    Modern Scandinavian design
    gives you the freedom to bring out your personal style. Aesthetically pleasing, minimalist, comfortable and modern style, where each resident has own space to express himself/herself and create a home style in accordance with his/her needs.

  • vidinis-kiemas-2.jpg

    One can find a cozy back patio
    for memorable moments with friends, where you'll want to spend your time and have chit-chats till dusk. Cozy and comfortable back patio with spaces set up for tete-a-tete conversations or benches for neighbours to gather together

  • parkavimas-2.jpg

    The transport matter is well-considered
    convenient parking lots for cars and bicycles and charging stations for electric vehicles. You can park your cars conveniently in the underground parking area, where you can also safely leave your bikes and kick scooters.

  • energetine-klase-2.png

    Energy efficiency class A +  
    you can rest assured by saving energy resources and your money.

  • funkcionalus-2.jpg

    Functional apartment layout  
    our thoughts for your comfort. Everything is designed in order to be comfortable and beautiful.

  • dideli-langai-2.jpg

    Large apartment showcase windows
    for more light and coziness.

  • sportas-2.jpg

    The treadmill is right in the yard
    so you can start the morning actively or end the day with sports.

  • komfortas-2.jpg

    Smart apartments for your comfort 
    The apartments will be equipped with smart control tablets that will allow you to regulate ventilation and heating in each room individually according to the needs of each family member.

  • apsauga-2.jpg

    Security and surveillance camera system
    to ensure territory protection. Closed and safe area accessible only to the residents of the house.

  • prekybos-centrai-2.jpg

    Easy access to shops and services
    located in commercial premises. On the ground floors of the houses there will appear shops, hairdressing salons, flower shops, children's activity studios or dry cleaners. You'll find everything you need in every day life. 

The indicated areas are preliminary and can change.

Project visualizations may not match the actual situation, once the Project is completed.


Construction progress 2021/05


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