YIT Buyer's Guide

After choosing the apartment you like and deciding on the finishing, sign a preliminary purchase and sale agreement. Pay in advance within five days.

Download the YIT PLUS app to keep track of the construction process and get the most important notifications about your newly built home.


After receiving a notification about construction completion, come to see and evaluate the work done. This must be done within fifteen days from the date of receiving the notification.

After signing the deed of work completion, go to the bank to sign an apartment loan agreement.

When you arrive to the notary, sign the main purchase and sale agreement. This is where we will hand you the keys from your new home!

It's time to announce that the home is finally yours! Register them at the SE Centre of Registers.

When the bank finally settles accounts with us, remember to take a certificate about it from us and submit it to the SE Centre of Registers.

Then, all you have to do is sign contracts with the public utility suppliers (electricity, water, heating). Remember, this must be done within thirty days from the date of visiting the notary.

You are now ready to create unforgettable moments in your new home!

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