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  • 9/13/2017

A modern business home “Duetto” has been opened in Vilnius

On Thursday, at Viršuliškės neighbourhood, first of the two modern business homes “Duetto” has been officially opened. A ten-story building with more than 8 thousand sq.m., built by sustainable development RE company “YIT Kausta” already caught the interest of the tenants at the beginning of development and the first to settle in was a service centre of “Lindorff” - one of the largest credit management companies in Europe. Central headquarters and customer care department of “Vilniaus vandenys” moved to the newly built complex as well. A second, identical business home “Duetto” building should be opened next year. 

“International and local companies are settling in Vilnius at an incredible pace in recent years, it is great that convenient and modern business centres are created especially for them. It brings even more joy that very different companies are settling there and many talented citizens of Vilnius are employed. I am glad that the business centre will have a kindergarten as well”, - greeted the guests of the opening ceremony Remigijus Šimašius, the mayor of Vilnius city. 

“Baltic Horizon Fund”, an Estonian investment fund – an only RE fund listed in the exchange of Tallinn, has invested into the building built by “YIT Kausta”. 

The new business complex is attractive to companies because of its convenient location in the city, modern concept and a highest class of energy efficiency. The business home “Duetto” is near the Vilnius Western bypass, so it is easy to reach it from the city centre as well as from other neighbourhoods or an air port, which is only a 10 minute car drive away. 

300 “Lindorff” service centre employees are already working in the first building of “Duetto” business home. More employees should settle in once the company performs active expansion and creates more workplaces to which additional areas are foreseen.  

Employess of “Vilniaus vandenys” have settled in on the two floors of the first building of “Duetto” business home. A total of about 150 employees will work at the new company headquarters. Customer service department will operate on the first floor of the building. Besides the companies “Lindorff” and “Vilniaus vandenys”, a beverage retail company “Pernod Ricard Lietuva”, logistics service company “Blunitrans” have settled in the “Duetto” business home. There is also a catering facility “Refertė” and a kindergarten “Vaiko šypsena”. 

A total of 800 employees in each of the “Duetto” business homes will be able to settle in. Total area of the business complex will reach almost 17 thousand sq. m. and under each of the buildings there will be an underground parking with 200 parking spaces.