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  • 9/6/2017

A new, modern business centre B66 is opened in Kaunas

On Thursday, in Kaunas K. Baršauskas Street, a new and modern business centre B66 has been officially opened. An office complex built by a sustainable real estate development company “YIT Kausta” is expected to become a peculiar centre of technology and innovation business in Kaunas.

Lithuanian information technology companies “Teltonika” and “Virtustream LT” that are operating on the global market are already settling in. The latter company belongs to the largest private IT corporate group “DELL Technologies”. “Santaka” valley of Kaunas University of Technology (orig. KTU) is located near the new centre. 

The first tenant’s representatives of the B66 business centre say that they see a lot of perspectives for technology business development and attraction of qualified IT specialists in Kaunas. This will be easily achieved by settling in the new premises. 

Central headquarters of “Virtustream LT” Baltic region will be in the B66 business centre. An attractive location of the business centre and neighbourhood of KTU was the main reason for this kind of choice. They will occupy a total of 1000 sq. m. in the B66 business centre. They have 70 working places set up. 

Employees of the internet of things solution company “Teltonika” were working in two offices in Kaunas, where, during the expansion of the company, the space was insufficient. More than a 100 employees will be working in the new B66 business centre. The company’s training department “IoT akademija” will also be set up here. 

Besides the IT section, “Saulės šeimos medicinos centras” clinic will settle in. An area of 1700 sq.m. at B66 business centre still awaits their tenants. 

“Kaunas is becoming one of the largest service centres on the map of Lithuania, so we might expect even more job positions of international companies that require higher qualification. That, of course, determines the need of modern offices. B66 was built just in time and in an attractive location of the city, therefore it quickly caught the interest of advanced and fast growing companies”, - says Kęstutis Vanagas, the Head of “YIT Kausta”, a company that built the B66 business centre. 

B66 business centre located in K. Baršauskas Street has a total area of more than 5300 sq. m., 4930 sq.m. of which are meant for leasing. About 400 employees will be able to set up in the business centre. The premises here are designed under the open working area principle, though separate offices for Heads and meetings are designed too. To increase the productivity of the employees, socialization and leisure areas are designed. Modern heating, cooling and ventilating systems that are installed in the business centre will allow the employees to feel comfortable in their working places. 

In the internal yard of the building there is leisure zone with benches and green zones. A parking lot is designed next to the building.