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  • 12/3/2019

“YIT Lietuva” will reconstruct Vehicle Inspection Centre “Tuvlita” in Naujoji Vilnia

Reconstruction project is being launched in Vilnius neighbourhood Naujoji Vilnia. The premises of “Tuvlita”, a company providing vehicle roadworthiness testing services, are being renovated. “YIT Lietuva”, which is carrying out the reconstruction works of the technical inspection centre on Linksmoji Street, is planning to complete them in April of 2020.

During the reconstruction a part of the building structures will be dismantled and new premises will be established in their place. Renovated premises of technical inspection centre will be equipped with a smoke measurement unit; new electrical, low current, heating and ventilation systems will be introduced. Total area of premises after the reconstruction will amount to 318 sq. m.

With implementation of project the environment surrounding the building will also be managed – new asphalt pavements for driveways and parking lots, sidewalks will also be upgraded. A total of 1160 sq. m. of environment will be managed.

“This is not the first time we are cooperating, and we appreciate customer’s attention to quality and modern solutions, that won’t be forgotten during this project. After reconstruction of premises of technical inspection centre, it will be able to provide drivers with faster and more convenient services. At the same time, it will ensure a modern working environment for company's employees” – says Kęstutis Vanagas, the managing director of “YIT Lietuva”.

“YIT Lietuva” has also constructed vehicle technical inspection centre “Tuvlita” on Old Ukmergė road.

“Tuvlita” provides vehicle roadworthiness testing services, vehicle safety assessment and technical expertise services.