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  • 5/14/2020

Construction of the business complex SQVERAS is completed in the new Kaunas business area

One of the most modern business centres in the city is opening its doors on the other side of the “Žalgiris” arena in the newly developing Kaunas business area next to the old town. The first tenants have already settled in the SQVERAS business centre, which stands out with its modern architecture with a total area of 11 thousand sq. m. and A+ energy efficiency class. The two-block business centre on Karalius Mindaugas avenue was built by the sustainable urban development company “YIT Lietuva”, which also became one of the largest tenants to have settled in the business centre, on behalf of the “KM 35” company. A total of over 14 million Euros were invested in this project. The new city square has also been opened to the public and handed over to the Municipality..

The new 7 and 8-floor business centre is the second of the three office complexes forming the Kaunas business block along the Nemunas island. In addition to the contractors of the building, SQVERAS will also welcome “Šiaulių bankas”, insurance and risk management solution company “Aon”, business automation solution and accounting company “Definra Robotics” and others. At present, almost all the premises of the business centre, located in a strategically convenient location of the city, have already been leased – only 7% of the free area remains, i.e. a floor area of almost 500 sq. m. in block A.

“In recent years, with the establishment and expansion of a number of high value-added financial and technology companies in Kaunas, the demand for premium class offices has increased. As a result, we have completed the development of the project with almost all office premises leased. For companies, which are looking to attract the best talents on the market and create the best conditions to work in a comfortable and modern environment, choosing an office is vital. A business block across the Nemunas island, where the SQVERAS rose, gives the opportunity for businesses to settle in a unique location, surrounded by nature and the convenience of a city, and receive all the solutions necessary for the advanced offices”, - says Rolandas Balčikonis, the director of the “KM 35” company.

R. Balčikonis notes, that the interest of tenants in the project was high since the beginning of the construction, and to many, one of the greatest values, was the opportunity to lease a whole floor in the business centre and enjoy premises with a view to all four countries of the world. The lease price of the business centre settled in the central part of the city starts at 13 Euros for a square metre, it was designed by the architectural office “G. Natkevičius ir partneriai”.

Managing director of “YIT Lietuva”, Kęstutis Vanagas, says that the completion of the construction of the business centre marks an important stage of development of the new business area on the shores of Nemunas, and the rebirth of the city territory will become even more relevant area of ideas and concentration of innovations as the office complex starts its operation. At the end of April we have completed a new green area near the building, which city dwellers love already.

“The new business centre gives the opportunity for companies settled here create attractive work areas for their employees, operate effectively and sustainably.  Advanced engineering, technical and architectural solutions were adopted when developing the project. The building is highlighted with a double-volume massif giving the feeling of lightness and its façades are designed in such a way that the maximum amount of light would be ensured in the premises. In addition, energy saving geothermal heating solutions and modern microclimate control systems are used in the business centre”, - says K. Vanagas. 

A two-level car parking of around 150 parking spaces is built under the business centre. A separate car parking zone for tenants is also set up next to the building. Bicycle keeping areas and charging stations for electric vehicles have also been built.

Currently, “YIT Lietuva” also continues the construction of the “House of Basketball” on the junction of Nemunas and Neris, develops the urban block “Piliamiestis” on the right bank of Neris just across the Old Town and “Šilo namai” near Nemunas. In Vilnius, the company implements projects “Raitininkų sodas”, “Matau Vilnių”, “Naujasis Skansenas” and others. Implements the construction works of the logistics terminal for RIMI retail chain in Riga.  As the new season of the infrastructure works began, the company started the reconstruction of Šilutės rd. in Klaipėda, reconstruction of a road section of road Šilutė – Šilalė 43-45 km, continues the works in the territory of Klaipėdos Smeltė and maintains the streets of Vilnius.