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  • 12/14/2021

YIT Lietuva starts construction of Mūša River house in Piliamiestis: it will stand in one of the best places in the quarter

On the right bank of the Neris River in Kaunas, perhaps the most demanded residential quarter of the temporary capital - Piliamiestis - continues to expand. The developer of the project, the sustainable urban development and construction company YIT Lietuva, is already starting the construction of the 16th Piliamestis house. The newest house, named after the Mūša River, will be located in the most attractive place of the plot and will offer exclusive apartments with panoramic views of the city and the Neris.

The newest six-storey house will be equipped with 29 apartments with an area of 40 sq. M. m to 150 sq. m. m. The house of Mūša, together with the houses of Merkis and Minija currently under construction, will form a triangle of houses that are distinguished by their architecture and are closest to the Neris. It is planned that the prices of apartments with partial finishing in the new house will start from 2460 euros per sq. Km. m.

The apartments in the new house will have all the advantages that make housing in this part of Kaunas so valuable - a spacious and comfortable layout, large windows with wooden frames providing a lot of natural light, efficient central collector underfloor heating and individual recuperation systems. All apartments will also have a spacious balcony or terrace. Panoramas of Kaunas Old Town and the Neris will partially open the apartments, and residents of other apartments will see a quiet and cozy courtyard through the windows. The settlers of the quarter will not only be able to enjoy the views of the city, but also enjoy the advantages of its proximity - easily accessible developed service infrastructure, quality entertainment and cultural life.

An A + energy efficiency class house designed by architect Tomas Kriaučiūnas will be equipped with a 37-space underground car park with the possibility to install electric car charging stations. As always in Piliamiestis, great attention will be paid to the surrounding environment. It will be designed with expressive landscaping solutions, modern children's playgrounds and recreational spaces, including a cozy pine alley for walks. The nearby Neris embankment, which will be equipped with hiking and cycling trails, will also be arranged.

“With the development of Piliamiesčio, the former territory, which has been abandoned and forgotten for less than a decade, has become an integral part of the urban landscape of the temporary capital and one of the most attractive places to live in Kaunas. This transformation has allowed many residents to discover homes that meet their needs and open a new page in the history of this part of Kaunas. The further development of the quarter is carried out according to the same principles that have determined the success of Piliamiestis so far and helped it to become one of the city's business cards - attention to the surrounding environment and the needs of the population, coherence and sustainability, ”says Kęstutis Vanagas, CEO of YIT Lietuva.

According to K. Vanagas, the supply of modern high-quality housing in the central part of Kaunas remains limited, and Piliamiestis is one of the few projects offering new apartments in this housing segment. As a result, most of the new stage apartments in it are purchased before construction is completed. For example, although the completion of the construction of Merkis and Minija houses in the quarter is planned only in the summer of next year, about 80 percent of them have already been purchased. of all apartments. About 60 percent of the Raudondvaris castle house, which is still under construction, was purchased. all the apartments, and all the apartments in the house near Norviliškės Castle are currently under construction.

The representative of the developers notices that the most sought-after apartments in Piliamiestis are larger apartments with a lot of natural sunlight and views of the Neris, the confluence of Kaunas or the Old Town. Buyers also increasingly want to install two bathrooms and separate closets in the apartments. In addition, more spacious bedrooms are desired. More and more buyers are also inquiring about electric car charging stations. According to K. Vanagas, the development of new stages aims to take into account all the needs of buyers.

The construction of the Mūša River house is planned to be completed by 2023. After this stage, it is planned to continue the development of Piliamiesčio by building another apartment building near the river. It should complement the market with 132 modern apartments. Next to Brasta Street, YIT Lietuva has also acquired a 5.3 ha plot, where new stages of Piliamiesčio will be further developed.

Currently, YIT Lietuva is also implementing housing projects in Vilnius - developing the Matau Vilnius project near Tauras Hill and the New Skansenas house in Šnipiškės.