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  • 6/9/2021

YIT Lietuva is going to improve communication in Vilnius district – it will reconstruct the section of the road over the Riešė River and the bridge therein

In Vilnius district, there are reconstruction works of the national district road Bendoriai-Riešė-Kalinas and the bridge over the Riešė River commenced. The reconstruction works will undergo at the half-kilometre section of the road and will be performed by the sustainable urban and infrastructure development company YIT Lietuva by order of the Lithuanian Road Administration. The estimated value of the works amounts to EUR 2.41 mln.

Currently, an obstruction for traffic at the said section of the high-intensity road is ruts and cracks in the carriageway. Moreover, the carriageway is not separated from the roadside, which puts pedestrians on it at risk. The condition of the bridge over the Riešė River is not much better. The bridge became deformed; cracks and splits in the concrete are visible to the naked eye.

During the reconstruction, the road section will be coated with a new asphalt pavement, pedestrian and bicycle paths will be laid on the roadsides. The existing bridge over the Riešė River will be demolished and a new modern one will be erected instead.

“In Lithuania, increasing attention has been paid to upgrading of road infrastructure. There are, though, a great number of district roads in poor shape and with bad traffic conditions. It is very important to keep such roads in mind and to take care of them. Consistent renovation and maintenance of the road network is the only way to ensure convenient and safe road service throughout the country,” says Kęstutis Vanagas, General Manager of YIT Lietuva.

Reconstruction of the Bendoriai-Riešė-Kalinas road section between the 5th km and 6th km is planned to be completed by the beginning of November this year. During the works, traffic at this road section will be temporarily restricted to a single traffic lane. During the road operations, the traffic flows at the section will be controlled using a specially equipped traffic light.

Besides, YIT Lietuva is currently carrying out reconstruction works on separate sections of the A1 (Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipėda) highway, reconstruction of the Grigiškės-Dėdeliškės-Rykantai district road in the Vilnius district, repairs of the A11 Šiauliai-Palanga main road, repairs of the Kretinga-Skuodas and Skuodas-Plungė regional roads, erecting a multilevel tunnel at the intersection of the railway and motorway at the crossing of Lentvaris-Vievis,  and carries out other infrastructure development projects.