Naujasis Skansenas I

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Available apartments: 1

Total number of apartments: 137

Rooms: 1 - 2

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Here live the people with the most flight of imagination. They write poems or books, paint and create new businesses. These are the people who will always find a way out of any situation. If you want some inspiration, knock on the doors of the residents of this house.

People who live here wake up very early, because they start their morning with sports and end the day with sports too. They just can't stay still, not smile or be sad. These are the people who infect neighbours with a good mood and love for life. Knock on their doors when you'll feel sad. The sporty ones will shake you up and fill you with energy.

The indicated areas are preliminary and can change.

Project visualizations may not match the actual situation, once the Project is completed.

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