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  • 10/10/2018

The Main “Sweco Lietuva” Office will be Established in the Business Home “Duetto”

The main office of the engineering consultancy and design company “Sweco Lietuva” is going to move to the new premises in Lithuania into the business home “Duetto II”, located in Viršuliškės district of the capital, in spring next year. The office of the company will cover two out of ten floors of the building “Duetto II”. “Sweco Lietuva” will rent the new premises from the project developer – construction and sustainable real estate development company “YIT Kausta”.

Open spaces as well as traditional ones with closed premises are planned for the office of “Sweco Lietuva” in the premises covering over 1, 7 thousand sq. m. More than 140 employees are going to settle in the premises. Great attention has been paid to the comfort of the employees and the functionality of the office itself while setting up the new office. The architect Paulius Mirinavičius designs the interior of the new premises.

“We ourselves design sustainable buildings, effective infrastructure and environmentally friendly engineering solutions; therefore, we apply higher criteria for our new office as well. We were looking for spacious, modern, and energy-efficient premises in the strategically convenient part of the city. Business home “Duetto” met all of these criteria. I think that our employees will be able to work here in comfort and feel great” – says the President of “Sweco Lietuva” Artūras Abromavičius.

More than half of 5, 9 thousand sq. m area of the second building “Duetto” has already been rent. “Rimi Lietuva”, managing the retail chain “Rimi”, has recently signed the lease agreement for the premises in the second building “Duetto” as well. The entire administration of the retail chain is going to settle in the business centre.

The General Director of the construction company “YIT Kausta”, Kęstutis Vanagas claims that Duetto has succeeded in maintaining both the urban integrity of the quarter and meeting the requirements of tenants. “In order to be able to manage the urban project comprising of the buildings with different functions – residential, commercial and offices premises – required a great deal of knowledge, experience and architectural sensitivity. Practical aspects have not been forgotten either, which have been the success of the first building “Duetto”, the greater part of which has been rent only halfway through construction. It was due to the strategically convenient place of the office, easy access to routes and suitable concept of the building” – says K. Vanagas. 

Business home “Duetto” is comprised of two identical ten-storey buildings, designed by the architects Miroslavas Šeinickis and prof. Gintaras Čaikauskas, which have become the main landscape accent of Viršuliškės alley. Both buildings of the complex are of A class energy efficiency, which is ensured by effective engineering systems. The area of each “Duetto” building covers more than 8, 4 thousand sq. m. There are underground parking spaces arranged under the buildings.

Business home “Duetto” has been recognised as the greenest business centre and the greenest building in the competition “The Green Buildings 2017”.

The company has already completed the first office building, it has been opened in September of 2017. An investment fund “Baltic Horizon Fund” has acquired the building in January of 2017. For the comfort of the employees there is a catering facility and the children day care centre “Vaiko šypsena” in the building. The companies “INTRUM”, “Vilniaus vandenys”, “Pernod Ricard Lietuva”, a logistics company “Blunitrans” and etc. have settled in the business centreunitrans“ ir kitos.