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  • 12/31/2019

“YIT Lietuva” has sold the modern car trade and service centre premises “Juta”, value of the transaction - 14 million Euros

Sustainable urban development and construction company “YIT Lietuva” and “Juta” – the representative of Volkswagen, Audi and Seat trademarks in Lithuania, have signed a sales-purchase transaction of the new car and service centre complex. The 8,5 thousand sq. m. sales and service premises located in the capital city at Naugardukas street were constructed specially for this company according to the “Built-to-suit” principle. The real estate company “Juta NT” of the “Juta” corporate group has purchased the already developed project from “YIT Lietuva”. The value of transaction is around 14 million Euros.

“Until the opening of this centre, companies of the corporate group “Juta” have operated in several locations around Vilnius. As the volume of the activities grew, the companies have “outgrown” them all. From our experience we knew, that the new location must be easily accessible to the customer, employee, should be easily noticeable, it has to “accommodate” a maximum number of automotive services, so that the customer won’t have to drive around another locations while he/she looks for the required services. The new location complied with the requirements perfectly, and the first months of activity are showing that the choice was right: the new autocentre is operating in its full capacity almost from the first day of its opening”, - says Vaidas Sinkevičius, Head of “Juta NT”.

In his view, cooperation with “YIT Lietuva” was determined by the volume of the project and the need for customisation: “It is a unique, “Built to suit” project of a large volume, which required a reliable contractor in order to develop in a timely and qualitative manner, and that is why we chose to cooperate with “YIT Lietuva”.

In a complex, the construction of which began last summer and opened its doors in November, a Seat car dealership is operating, trade areas of new and used cars, authorised Audi, Volkswagen and Seat car services and a shop for car parts and accessories.

“The site for the complex has been chosen and the premises were built according to the individual needs of the client. The so called “Built-to-suit” projects allow the customer to receive premises adapted to his needs and avoid the additional costs related to the standardised adaptation of the premises. Such real estate development model is growing more and more popular – especially among companies carrying out specific activities, where the standard premises are not necessarily suitable for them. Often it is extremely difficult to find multifunctional premises, which would suit the needs of the specific company, therefore, in such cases, the “Built-to-suit” projects are almost the only rational solution”, - says Kęstutis Vanagas, the managing director of “YIT Lietuva”.

In premises of energy efficiency grade A+, effective and environmentally friendly solutions, ensuring their operation, were used. Great attention is paid to the functionality of the car trade and service centre, ensuring the comfort of employees and customers.  For example, having installed the storage area for car keys in the maintenance service, the customers are allowed to leave their vehicles for inspection and repairs and retrieve them on their own afterwards.

Premises for administrative purposes and a car parking lot under a roof with charging stations for electric vehicles and bicycle racks have been also set up in the complex.

During the construction of car trade and service complex, the surrounding urban infrastructure was also renewed – new pedestrian crossings with traffic islands were installed in the junctions of Zietelos, Vilkpėdės and Naugarduko streets.