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  • 1/25/2020

A new start for Šnipiškės – we are beginning constructions of NAUJASIS SKANSENAS

In the Šnipiškės micro district of Vilnius, on the boundary between Linkmenų and Žalgirio Streets a sustainable urban development company YIT Lietuva is commencing stage I works of development of the urban project Naujasis Skansenas, promising a revival of this part of the capital. During this stage, the modern apartment buildings, that will be erected in the area, were designed by the team of the studio JP Architektūra, that is led by architect Algirdas Kaušpėdas.

During the first stage of the construction, two 6-storey apartment buildings will be erected in front of Linkmenų Street with 1-4 room apartments of 31-100 sq. m. Residents of upper floors will enjoy the panoramic view of Vilnius Financial Center on Konstitucijos Avenue and the forests of Šeškinė. Premises for various service providers will be located on the ground floors.

First development stage works of Naujasis Skansenas are planned to be completed in May 2021, and the entire project is expected to be implemented by the end of 2025.

'While designing Naujasis Skansenas houses, we have fulfilled our old dream of intertwining community's public and private spaces into a single urban cloth. In the project we were also guided by three of the most relevant principles of urban development - community, greenness and healthy city. Each one of them gained a specific expression in the project. There’s an alley, crossing a community space, with bicycle paths, green areas in the courtyards, sports tracks and equipment for active leisure,' says A. Kaušpėdas, the Head of architects studio JP Architektūra.

According to A. Kaušpėdas, architectural solutions of residential district were planned having regard to the nearness of the territory to the city center and attractive walking routes to it. That is why a great attention is paid to convenience of cyclists or hikers. For example, bicycle storage facilities located in apartment buildings will be directly accessible from both residential buildings and alley, crossing the residential district.

According to the architect, the abundance of sports and recreational spaces around the residential district creates great conditions for a busy life and provides opportunities for sports enthusiasts to actively spend their leisure time. In order to accentuate these opportunities even more, 400-meter-long jogging trail has been selected as one of the main highlights of Naujasis Skansenas residential district. It will encourage residents to exercise, socialize and move around. Jogging trail will connect every house of the district and will help by building a strong community and its identity.

Newly built A + energy efficiency class houses will offer both smaller one-room apartments and spacious apartments with terraces and loggias. Apartments will be equipped with underfloor heating and solutions of the smart home (it will be possible to control ventilation and heating of each room in the apartment with smart control tablets). There will be plenty of daylight in apartments because of the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Next to houses there will be a convenient parking area with 102 spaces for cars, as well as spaces for bicycles and a charging station for electric vehicles. Residents of the upper floors will enjoy the panoramic view of Vilnius Financial Center on Konstitucijos Avenue and the forests of Šeškinė. Premises for various service providers will be located on the ground floors. It is estimated that over 2 thousand residents will settle in the new residential district.

Kęstutis Vanagas, managing director of YIT Lietuva, says that the part of the capital where construction of new houses is being started has all the opportunities to become one of the most attractive districts to live and work in Vilnius, and projects that are being implemented here by some of the most famous and best architects in the country will make this place even more attractive. Over the next few years, YIT Lietuva plans to rebuild and give a new life to a 4 ha territory next to Linkmenu and Žalgirio Streets.

'A new city center is being formed in Šnipiškės, and development of Naujasis Skansenas residential district will give a new impetus to these processes. This multifunctional district, which is being developed in accordance with principles of sustainable development, will bring more life and diversity to the area, which will make living and working there more interesting and comfortable. For those who appreciate the benefits of modern urban living, mobility and opportunities for active leisure, this is a really attractive choice - especially taking into account that there are fewer and fewer places left with this kind of conditions for new housing projects in Vilnius, ' says Vanagas.

In addition to apartment buildings, two new business centers will also be built here. The huge multifunctional district was trusted to be designed even to three architects' teams. In addition to A. Kaušpėdas' studio, the living spaces in the area were also designed by architect Vytautas Biekša from Processoffice. The author of business centers is Algimantas Pliučas, architect of Vilnius Architecture Studio (lith. 'Vilniaus architektūros studijos').