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  • 7/9/2020

Special BIM awards to YIT Lietuva projects

In a digital construction competition “Lithuanian BIM Projects”, held for the fifth time, two of the most important nominations were given to projects in Kaunas developed by the sustainable urban development company “YIT Lietuva”. Residential as well as public buildings were awarded with a significant award. According to General Manager of the company, Kęstutis Vanagas, this shows that the advanced construction principles are applied in very different projects and contribute to the development of a sustainable city of the future.

The principles of BIM – Building Information Modelling – were integrated in both projects of “YIT Lietuva”, who were the first to apply it in the country. This technology does not only help when designing the building, but also makes information exchange between the project participants – the client, architect, contractor and operator, easier.  Digital modelling allows monitoring the process of construction in real time and avoiding the possible deviations and errors.

“For this year’s competition, we submitted two projects in Kaunas – a residential complex “Piliamiestis” (under development) and a business centre “SQVERAS” (executed this year). They were chosen for a reason: both projects reflect the needs of the modern residents for comfortable living and efficient work. Also, BIM principles were consistently applied in all stages of these projects. The evaluation committee takes into consideration how they were applied in planning, designing and constructing of a building, as well as how the achieved results meet set goals”, - says K. Vanagas.


During the five years of the competition, a total of over 115 construction and infrastructure projects were nominated. Digital modelling did not only help implement them effectively, but to better adapt them to the needs of the society as well.


Relevant even after the project has been completed

The most advanced technologies and software are used for digital construction. Some of these tools are intended for the stage of project development: some of them can be used to conveniently design the digital models, while with others these models are inspected and reports are prepared. All participants of the project can cooperate by using a shared environment – the latest versions of documents, uploaded by designers, are available to engineers and other developers anywhere and at any time.

“BIM systems not only allow a quicker exchange of information, but also provide the possibility to use 2D and 3D drawings directly at the site – they can be managed even on mobile devices. In addition, separate programs calculate the amount of required materials in real time, adjusts estimate cost, helps monitor expenses and predicts the end result of the project precisely. Individual solutions of digital construction are also intended to ensure the occupational safety and quality”, - says General Manager of “YIT Lietuva” company.

Even though BIM is slowly becoming a standard for sustainable construction, advanced technologies are widely used not only when designing projects of the future, but also when maintaining completed buildings. Benefits of advanced solutions in construction do not end here since they are also used in operation of buildings.

“The greatest advantage of digital technology – the ability to assess various alternatives in a short period of time and select the best option. This is useful not only for the development of residential projects, but also when taking up commercial construction, works of infrastructure or renovation. We apply lessons we learned during the construction of buildings in Kaunas in the latest projects all over Lithuania and received awards testify that that the investments in sustainable and harmonious development are paying off”, - believes K. Vanagas.