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  • 4/8/2020

YIT Lietuva is creating a unique square in Karaliaus Mindaugo Avenue

After the quarantine, Kaunas residents and guests of the city will be able to spend time in a new public space. A cozy square, located at the intersection of S. Daukanto Street and Karaliaus Mindaugo Avenue, next to the pedestrian bridge to the Nemunas Island, is being established by the sustainable urban development and construction company YIT Lietuva. The company will invest about 250 thousand euros in the arrangement and installation of the currently unused green space of 0.2 ha. The new square is planned to be installed by the beginning of May.

While creating an open recreational space, pedestrian paths will be built on the plot, concrete park benches and amphitheater terraces for spending time will be installed. Elegant park lighting and modern underground rubbish bins shall also be arranged. The remaining area of the plot will be planted with greenery. All trees currently growing in a territory of the new square will be preserved.

'The development works of the city do not stop, therefore when life of Kaunas residents goes back to the way it was, people will have a new cozy and comfortable green space for rest. The business district formed on the Nemunas quay in recent years has given impulse to the revival of this part of Kaunas, attracted larger population flows to it, and at the same time determined the need for the development of public space infrastructure. The settled green space next to S. Daukantas Bridge will become the accent completing the new urban landscape of the quay', says Kęstutis Vanagas, managing director of YIT Lietuva.

According to K. Vanagas, the installation works of the square due to the coronavirus epidemic is carried out by taking additional safety measures, such as: working in small groups of people, keeping as much distance between employees as possible, avoiding unnecessary contact.

During the installation of the square in the south-eastern part of the plot from Karmelitų Street towards Karaliaus Mindaugo Avenue, an expanding concrete path with circular spaces for trees will be built. It is planned to place 9 cozy park benches in various directions in the area formed by the widening of the trail. High modern park lighting will be laid out in the lot between the benches and the trees.

In the rest part of the square, three intersecting paths for pedestrians made from basalt paving cubes have been designed. Between them in the green area, it is planned to install three concrete semicircular amphitheaters. Lighting will also be installed next to them. Paths of basalt paving cubes will also be installed by the western and northern edges of the plot.

The square was designed by the architectural firm G. Natkevičius and partners (lith. „G. Natkevičius ir partneriai“). After the installation of the square, its maintenance will be taken over by Kaunas City Municipality. The new public space for Kaunas city residents and guests is being installed next to the 6 thousand square meter area class A office complex SQVERAS, which is located on Karaliaus Mindaugo Avenue. Its contractor is also the company YIT Lietuva.

Currently, YIT Lietuva is also continuing the construction works of the Basketball House (lith. „Krepšinio namai“) at the confluence of Nemunas River and Neris River in Kaunas, is developing the urban Piliamiestis district on the right bank of the Neris River in front of the city's Old Town. In Vilnius, the company implements the projects Raitininkų Sodas, I See Vilnius (lith. „Matau Vilnių“), New Skansen (lith. „Naujasis Skansenas“) and others. Carries out the construction works of the RIMI network logistics terminal in Riga. With the beginning of the new season of infrastructure works, the company started the reconstruction of Šilutės highway in Klaipėda, reconstruction of the road section Šilutė - Šilalė 43-54 km, continues works in the territory of Klaipėdos Smeltė, maintains the streets of Vilnius.