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  • 7/26/2020

“YIT Lietuva” will be reconstructing two road sections in western Lithuania for €5,5 million

Reconstruction works of section from 3,5 km to 5,8 km of district road Dituva-Priekulė-Dreižiai at Klaipėda district are beginning. Reconstruction of this road, leading to popular tourist attractions – Ventės Ragas, Kintai, Svencelė – will be carried out by the sustainable urban development and construction company “YIT Lietuva”. Value of these works is around 4 million euros. The company is also commencing the reconstruction of national road Kretinga-Skuodas section of 8,7 km in length in the western Lithuania, which will improve traffic conditions between these two cities.

Upon implementation of infrastructure project in the reconstructed road section in Priekulė, a road of two wide –3,5 metres in width – lanes in different directions will be constructed. During these works, a total of 17 thousand sq. m. of road surfaces will be paved also a roundabout and traffic islands will be constructed.

During the reconstruction of road section, advanced engineering solutions will be applied, modern water collection and wastewater disposal systems, exit lanes, bus stops will be constructed and lighting will be provided as well. A pedestrian and bicycle pathway of 2,5 m in width, connecting the towns of Dituva and Priekulė, will be paved next to the driveway.

“Since the active development of tourism not only in the main resorts, but also in the whole Lithuanian seaside, regions attracting more and more holidaymakers and facing increased motor traffic, the need of the modernisation of the road infrastructure in this part of the country increases as well. A daily average of 4,5 thousand cars drive on a road from Dituva to Dreižiai through Priekulė and its current condition can no longer ensure a convenient and safe transportation”, - says general manager of “YIT Lietuva” Kęstutis Vanagas.

Modernisation works of the road section are expected to be completed until the summer next year. Design works of the reconstruction of the road section were managed by the company “SRP projektas”.

At almost the same time, “YIT Lietuva” begins the reconstruction works of the national road Kretinga-Skuodas of a section of 8,7 km in length in the western Lithuania. Value of works is around 1,6 million euros. During the reconstruction, a road of two lanes in both directions will be constructed and the roadsides will be cleared. It is expected to complete these works by the end of the year. The road section will be modernised according to the project prepared by the company “Kelprojektas”.

“YIT Lietuva” has implemented a number of significant projects of road infrastructure modernisation and development across the whole Lithuania – among them the reconstruction of an important highway section Vilnius-Molėtai near the capital.

In addition to the infrastructure projects, “YIT Lietuva” is currently executing the construction and reconstruction works of “Rimi” warehouse and distribution centre in Riga. The company is also implementing the “Krepšinio namai” project in Kaunas downtown and developing an urbanistic residential complex of Piliamiesties right across it, on the right bank of Neris. In Vilnius, “YIT Lietuva” is developing projects of residential property “New Skansen”, “Matau Vilnių” and “Raitininkų sodas”.    

About the builder, “YIT Lietuva” corporate group

The sustainable urban development company “YIT Lietuva” operates in Lithuania since 1996 and belongs to one of the largest construction services holding in the Eastern Europe – “YIT Corporation”, which operates in ten other countries. “YIT Lietuva” successfully carries out the contractor, accommodation, commercial immovable property, building maintenance activities, performs works of infrastructure design and road construction.