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  • 4/28/2021

A modern furniture factory will be built in Kaunas FEZ: the project is undertaken by “YIT Lietuva”

Until April of the next year, a new A ++ energy class furniture factory will be built in Kaunas Free Economic Zone, which is being built by the sustainable urban development and construction company “YIT Lietuva” on behalf of “Gerų baldų fabrikas” UAB. Investment in 2-storey 36 thousand m² of premises that will be used for storage amounts to 25 million euros.

This development project is already the second one that “YIT Lietuva” is implementing in cooperation with “Gerų baldų fabrikas”. The new building will be integrated into the general infrastructure of Kaunas FEZ, where the construction of the first furniture factory building was completed two years ago. Construction works of the factory and other engineering structures are currently in progress.

The new building will be used for the storage of already manufactured products and raw materials required for the production. Work in the factory will be organized 24/7. It is planned to create 80 jobs within four years of the warehouse opening.

“We chose the Kaunas Free Economic Zone for the new premises due to the convenient infrastructure, the possibility to distribute the management costs to two adjacent factories and the tax benefits applied to this zone. In addition, all engineering networks have already been created here, most of the connections will be made from the building already built – it is convenient and easier for us than to settle in a new place,” says Virginijus Brundza, the head of the furniture factory.

Kęstutis Vanagas, the head of the sustainable urban development company “YIT Lietuva”, says that the new premises will be distinguished by an extremely high A ++ energy class and advanced technologies that ensure a suitable microclimate: “Currently, the biggest concern when building industrial buildings is the management of energy resources. The minimum energy class set for new buildings is rising every year. In this respect, the new factory will be one of the most innovative in Lithuania with its own solar power plant on the roof.”

“I dare to say that in terms of implemented technologies, this furniture factory will be one of the most modern not only in Lithuania, but also in the whole of Europe. Although, according to its purpose, it is a typical industrial building, we strive to make the architectural solutions as environmentally friendly as possible; that the building would harmoniously merge with another adjacent factory and form a unified ensemble of the buildings of the company, which is easily identifiable and does not lose its affinity,” says Tomas Kriaučiūnas, the building architect, head of “Kita kryptis” UAB.

The building Construction works, which began this April, are being carried out using advanced methods. The building project has been prepared and is being implemented using Building Information Modelling (BIM); the amount of earthworks is measured by scanning with the help of a drone and special software; the construction works are performed using the LEAN methodology.

About the builder – group of companies “YIT Lietuva”

The sustainable urban development company “YIT Lietuva” has been operating in Lithuania since 1966 and belongs to one of the largest construction services groups in Eastern Europe, “YIT Corporation”, operating in ten countries. “YIT Lietuva” successfully carries out contracting, housing, commercial real estate, buildings maintenance activities, performs infrastructure development and road construction works.