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  • 7/15/2021

YIT Lietuva is going to modernize one more road: it will improve the connection between Vilkyškiai and Tauragė

The Lithuanian Road Administration and the sustainable urban and infrastructure development company YIT Lietuva have signed an agreement on the overhaul of more than 8 km of the Tauragė district road Griežpelkiai-Vilkyškiai. The regional road reconstruction of national significance starts in August this year. The value of the works will reach 5.1 million euros.

The gravel road is the shortest transport connection of Vilkyškiai town with the regional centre Tauragė. According to the data of the Lithuanian Road Administration, an average of 144 cars per day go along the road. 16 percent of them are freight transport.

Despite the importance of the road, its condition is not good at the moment. The existing gravel surface is pitted, and the abundant vegetation at the curbs worsens the visibility of drivers. In addition, due to the poor surface water drainage system, water accumulates in certain places in the ditches of the roadside.

During the repair works on this section, the road surface will be asphalted and 1 metre wide curbs will be equipped. The existing drainage passages will also be changed, and poststructural road drainage will be fixed in separate sections. The road embankment will also be stabilized, steep road slopes will be reinforced with nets, barriers and road signs will be installed. In total, four intersections and fifty exit lanes will be repaired and six scheduled transport stops will be equipped on this road section.

"In order to ensure convenient, efficient and safe car transport, it is necessary to take care not only of the main transport arteries, but also to consistently develop and modernize the entire country road network. Paving/asphalting regional roads provides more convenient and safer connections between regional centres and smaller settlements. After the repair works on the road section Griežpelkiai-Vilkyškiai it will be possible to get to Tauragė from Vilkyškiai and other nearby towns much faster. Considering the fact that in Vilkyškiai there are enterprises important for the entire Lithuanian economy, such infrastructure improvement is really significant, ”says Kęstutis Vanagas, general manager of YIT Lietuva.

After the repair works on the road Griežpelkiai-Vilkyškiai, vehicles will be allowed to go at a higher speed. 90 km / h will be allowed in some places on the road, and visibility will be significantly improved on the road curves.

The technical design of the repair works was prepared by the company Sweco Lietuva. The reconstruction of the road is planned to be completed in September next year. Traffic restrictions on this road section will be applied during the repair works.

YIT Lietuva is also currently carrying out reconstruction works on sections of the A1 (Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipėda) main road, the  reconstructions of Grigiškės-Dėdeliškės-Rykantai regional road and Bendoriai-Riešė-Kalinas in Vilnius district. The company is currently repairing the A11 Šiauliai-Palanga main road, and performing repairs works on the Kretinga-Skuodas and Skuodas-Plungė national roads, reconstructing the viaduct near Rukla and carrying out other infrastructure development projects.

About the YIT Lietuva company group constructor

The sustainable urban development company YIT Lietuva has been operating in Lithuania since the year 1966 and belongs to one of the largest construction service groups in Eastern Europe, YIT Corporation, operating in ten countries. YIT Lietuva successfully implements contracting, housing, commercial real estate, building maintenance activities, infrastructure development and road construction works.