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  • 7/12/2021

Kauno Piliamiestis will be supplemented by two new houses: in one of them - only extremely spacious apartments

In Kaunas, on the right bank of the Neris, on the other side of the Old Town, the development of the Piliamestis residential block continues. “Sustainable urban development and construction company YIT Lietuva has started the construction of houses named after Raudondvaris Castle and the Minija River here.

A total of 54 two-four-room flats with an area from 42 to 86 square metres will be idesigned in the 6-storey Raudondvario Castle house. Their price will start from 2000 euros per square metre. Concerning the 6-storey Minija River House, it will stand out with extremely spacious flats from 120 to 180 square metres. This house will be equipped with just 17 exclusive four-room flats, which will cost from 2,390 euros per square metre. The flats in both houses will have very spacious balconies or terraces, and the Minija River House will have large wooden wrought-iron windows to the floor. The Minija River House will also be equipped with 3 commercial premises, the area of which will take from 53 to 60 square metres.

The Minija River House is being built in one of the most attractive places in Piliamiestis: right next to the bank of the Neris River. Therefore, almost all its flats will offer exceptional views of the river, the confluence and the Old Town with Kaunas Castle, which is situated on the other side. To maximize this advantage, the corner windows of the flats in this house will be convex. This will give a special sense of space and will provide you with the possibility to get the unrestricted admiration of Kaunas panorama.

The structural, architectural and engineering solutions of the Raudondvaris Castle House are analogous to those applied in the Norviliškės Castle House, which is currently being completed. Its flats are very attractive in terms of their layout, size and price. Currently, there is only one unsold flat left in the house.

“Piliamiestis, located in the territory revived for new life, has already become one of the symbols of Kaunas, and the interest of the residents in the opportunities to settle here is not decreasing. Particular attention is paid to the larger flats with river views. As a result, in one of the newly being built houses there will be more spacious flats, the demand for which is really high in the project. Customers are really interested in exclusive flats, therefore the whole Minija River House will be designed specifically for such housing, ”says Kęstutis Vanagas, general manager of YIT Lietuva.

According to K. Vanagas, residents demonstrate a tendency to live comfortably and spaciously, so recently they have been looking for flats with two bathrooms, more spacious living rooms and a separate room for a closet. Furthermore, more spacious bedrooms are in high demand. According to K. Vanagas, almost every second customer is interested in electric car charging places. According to him, this shows the growing attention of the residents to sustainability and environmental protection, that is the aspects which are also extremely important for the project developers. When implementing housing projects, YIT Lietuva calculates every possible CO2 sign of the building construction process and looks for solutions to reduce it.

The A + energy efficiency class houses designed by architect Tomas Kriaučiūnas will be equipped with efficient central collector underfloor heating and a recuperation system. Under the Raudondvaris Castle House there will be an underground parking lot for 56 cars, and under the Minija River House there will be a parking lot for 26 cars. The latter will make it possible to install electric car charging places.

Piliamiestis project is famous for its attention to the environment and recreational zones, therefore the new houses will be surrounded by recreation areas with exclusive landscaping solutions. A cozy pine alley will be formed nearby. There will also be playgrounds near the house to ensure fun and safe leisure for children. Pedestrian and bicycle paths have been formed in the territory, benches have been installed, and on the bank of the Neris River there is a review amphitheatre with a view of Kaunas Old Town and the castle. The old pine forest of Brasta, which provides a quiet shelter of nature, has also been preserved in the Piliamiestis block.

According to K. Vanagas, at present in Kaunas there is a real lack of high-class residential houses in the central part of the city, therefore the Piliamiesčio block is facing a great interest of the residents. Currently, there are only 12 vacant flats left in the already completed and final stages of the project.

One of the reasons for the popularity of Piliamiestis among housing customers is undoubtedly its unique location. Kaunas Old Town, located on the other side of the Neris River, with its developed service infrastructure, entertainment, culture and high-quality leisure opportunities, is within easy reach of Piliamiestis. The connection with Kaunas Old Town and other parts of the city will become even more convenient after the planned infrastructure development works, as Petras Vileišis Bridge, which connects Piliamiestis and the Old Town, is currently being reconstructed.

YIT Lietuva is also building Matau Vilnių and Naujoji Skansen residential houses in Vilnius. The company also implements infrastructure development, administrative, industrial and other premises projects throughout Lithuania.

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The sustainable urban development company YIT Lietuva has been operating in Lithuania since the year 1966 and belongs to one of the largest construction service groups in Eastern Europe, YIT Corporation, operating in ten countries. YIT Lietuva successfully implements contracting, housing, commercial real estate, building maintenance activities, infrastructure development and road construction works.