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  • 6/29/2021

YIT Lietuva has started the reconstruction of the viaduct near Rukla: it will improve conditions not only for cars, but for cyclists as well

In Jonava district municipality, near Rukla settlement, the viaduct reconstruction of state significance over the railway on the Jonava-Žasliai-Kalniniai Mijaugonys national road is starting. At the same time a new pedestrian and cyclist viaduct will be conctructed. The project will be implemented by the sustainable urban and infrastructure development company YIT Lietuva. The value of the project is almost 2.4 million euros.

The reconstruction of the present viaduct on the road section will improve car traffic conditions. Road markings will also be updated. After the construction of the new viaduct pedestrians and cyclists will be able to cross safely the active two-track railway section. Until now, safe pedestrian and bicycle traffic has not been created on this section of the road.

“The process of taking care of Lithuanian road connections and their modernization must ensure a safe and convenient place for traffic not only for cars, but also for pedestrians and cyclists, as they start using the country roads more and more. This is exactly what the new viaduct and the reconstruction of the old one will help to do in this section of the road. In addition, the section of the road Jonava-Žasliai-Kalniniai Mijaugonys which is being reconstructed is important due to its proximity to the entrance to Rukla, which houses the Grand Duke of Lithuania Algirdas Mechanized Infantry Battalion, the battalion important for the security of the whole of Lithuania and other Lithuanian Armed Forces Units,“  says Kęstutis Vanagas, general manager of YIT Lietuva.

According to K. Vanagas, in order to ensure that the infrastructure modernization works run smoothly and do not cause inconvenience to drivers and nearby soldiers, we work closely not only with the customer - Lithuanian Road Administration, but also with Jonava district and Rukla town municipalities and Gaižiūnai landfill representatives.

During the works, car traffic will be restricted - speed restrictions will be applied and traffic lights will be used to handle the traffic. Having constructed a pedestrian and bicycle viaduct, car traffic will be routed temporarily along it until the old viaduct is reconstructed. As a result, drivers will experience less inconvenience during the works. The reconstruction is planned to be completed by July next year.

YIT Lietuva is also currently implementing reconstruction works on the sections of the A1 (Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipėda) main road, reconstruction of the Grigiškės-Dėdeliškės-Rykantai regional road and reconstruction of Bendoriai-Riešė-Kalinas in the Vilnius district, repairing the A11 Šiauliai-Palanga main road, performing repair works on the Kretinga-Skuodas and Skuodas-Plungė national roads, building a tunnel at the intersection of the railway and the road at different levels at the Lentvaris-Vievis crossing and implementing other infrastructure development projects.