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  • 7/11/2023

"YIT Lietuva" completed the first stage of Vilnius streets reconstruction: the capital was prepared for the NATO summit

Vilnius has been intensively preparing for the July 11-12 NATO summit for the past few months. A week before a strategically and historically significant event for the country, the capital's communication infrastructure is updated and modernized - the sustainable cities and infrastructure development company "YIT Lietuva" cleaned 8 kilometers of Vilnius streets, most of which are intended for the movement of NATO meeting delegations. By the end of the season, the company will repair a total of 16 kilometers of the capital's streets. This type of street repair is part of the largest urban transport infrastructure renewal project in the history of Vilnius.

At the beginning of May of this year, Vilnius city municipality commissioned the renovation of the infrastructure of the capital's streets. Their volumes are planned to be record-breaking - it is planned to lay the new asphalt surface in sections with a total length of more than 100 kilometers. This is the largest renovation of the capital's transportation infrastructure in the entire history of the city. Five contractors - the municipal company "Grinda" and four private companies - took on the record-breaking amount of work, the company "YIT Lietuva" is scheduled to repair 24 kilometers of city streets. The priority of the works was intended for the upcoming NATO summit, therefore the city entrance streets and the airport access streets were repaired first - sections of Metal, Darbininkai, Darius and Girėnos, Tukstantmetis, Liepkalnis, Sodyba streets and Savanorių avenues. In the first phase, A. Kojelavicius and Tolimos Sodų 4th streets were also repaired.

3D model projects are being prepared for the reconstruction works, which ensures the smoothness and comfort of the renovated road surfaces. On streets with particularly high traffic intensity, two-layer, polymer-modified surfaces are asphalted, extending the service life of the roads. "Vilnius has set an ambitious goal - to achieve the optimal quality level of all city streets. We are proud to have been entrusted with this task. The first part of the work has already been completed and the capital's transportation infrastructure for the NATO summit is updated, modern, comfortable and safe. In an effort not to cause inconvenience to drivers, we carry out milling and asphalting works at night. We would like to thank the residents of Vilnius and the guests of the city for their patience during the intensive maintenance. We believe that the minor inconveniences experienced today will be compensated by significantly better traffic conditions", says Kęstutis Vanagas, the manager of the YIT Lietuva company.

Having repaired 8 kilometers of city streets, the company continues the reconstruction of the remaining 16 kilometers, which is planned to be completed by the end of the work season in late autumn. Currently, "YIT Lietuva" is also implementing the reconstruction of the pedestrian and bicycle path in the Curonian Spit, maintaining the district roads Didieji Baušiai–Akmenynė–Turgeliai, Pirčiupiai–Jašiūnai, and finishing the works on the section Kretingalė–Plikiai–Smilgynai. The company also carries out capital repair works of the regional roads Molėtai–Pabradė, Meldikviršiai–Sartininkai–Žemaičių Naumiestis in the south-western part of Lithuania and the sections of the regional road Trakai–Rūdiškės–Pivašiūnai–Alytus, and completes the capital repair of the road Pėžaičiai–Švėkšna in Šilutė district and Dituva–Priekulė–Dreižiai. repair, carried out by Klemiškės g. In Klaipėda, reconstruction is being carried out, the Lentvaris-Vievis intersection of different levels of railway and cars is being installed, the viaduct over the highway A1, on the Mažeikiai-Plungė-Tauragė road is being renovated.