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New Skansen - discover a new connection with Vilnius!

New Skansen - discover a new connection with Vilnius!

New Skansen is a renewable project vibrant with Scandinavian style that develops a cozy and modern home oasis in the city centre between Žalgirio and Linkmenų Streets. This area of Šnipiškės dating back even to the 19th century used to be called Skansen – name of the open-air museum in Stockholm. Such name was chosen because in the territory a district with architecture typical to Vilnius suburbs was being founded with folk-type wooden houses, antique pavement and entrances to the plots. While reviving the old name of the area, today we are creating new homes for the city’s inhabitant of tomorrow. All the most important places of Vilnius are within easy reach from New Skansen, and the renewable quarter becomes an oasis in the centre of Vilnius.

Live and forget the haste

Days are quite different in New Skansen. You can start the morning here by using the treadmill right outside the windows, jogging along the River Neris or enjoying a cup of coffee and chatting with the cafe owner. And in the evening after work you can relax by having dinner in the rays of the sunset. No rush, no routine, just a quality time to yourself while admiring Vilnius!

Live and forget the haste
For a real citizen

For a real citizen

Exchange the routine for new discoveries of the old town! Life of the capital is right outside the door for a real city person. Only here you will find a perfect home shelter, and in your free time you will find yourself in the busy and active city life in no time. Sakura Park, Vilnius Old Town, cultural events, nightlife - everything is within reach to everyone who admires an energetic, active and colourful life. New Skansen - a vibrant city at your feet.

Always in the centre of events

It is most convenient when everything is within easy reach. Home that is close to work, supermarkets, cafes and entertainments is a truly great gift! During a break from work, you will be able to return home and find at least some time to do something positive for yourself. And even four major shopping and entertainment centres - Akropolis, Ozas, Panorama and Europa, located just minutes away from home, will provide an opportunity to take care of your needs. New Skansen is also surrounded by many business centres, so you can forget about the morning traffic jams, because work is right here!



Always in the centre of events


Architect of the Project
Algirdas Kaušpėdas

“Here we have implemented three relevant principles of urban development: a community city, a green city and a healthy city. All three principles have gained concrete expressions: green areas in courtyards, sports trails and equipment. In this project, we have realized the old dream of harmoniously weaving community, public and private spaces into one urban fabric.”

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    Always in the center of events
    There's no need to rush anywhere - everything you may need is just minutes away. Great communication with the old town, business and shopping as well as entertainment centers. Panorama, Akropolis, Ozas, Europa - the largest shopping centers right beside your home, and the old town cafés and events are just 10 minutes away! Could it be better?

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    Modern Scandinavian design
    After all, you have dreamed of living in modern Scandinavia. You don't have to go anywhere, because Scandinavia is already here! A modern Scandinavian Oasis in the center of Vilnius will give you the freedom to reveal your personal style. Aesthetically appealing, minimalist and comfortable design will meet the needs of each resident and provide space for self-expression.

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    Cozy courtyard
    An important part of a quality life. Feel comfortable sharing moments with friends or chatting with neighbors. You will find the right place for everything!

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    Energy efficiency class A+  
    Enough of worrying about cold evenings or huge bills. In New Skansen you can be calm while saving energy resources and your money!

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    Functional apartment layout 
    Well-considered layout - for your comfort and interior beauty!

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    Large floor to ceiling windows
    A generous amount of natural light in your apartment will fill your home with positive emotions and coziness.

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    Treadmill right outside your door
    An actively started morning will give you energy for the whole day. In the yard you will find all the conditions to spend your free time actively!

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    Smart apartments for your comfort 
    New technologies, smart systems - everything you need for a comfortable life. Installed smart apartment control tablets will help to regulate ventilation, heating and adapt it all to the needs of each family member.

  • apsauga-2.jpg

    A safe oasis for privacy
    Safety is one of the highest priorities, so only the residents of the house will enter the closed and safe area, and safety will be ensured with video surveillance cameras!

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    Shops and services - within easy reach
    Different kind of various shops, hairdressers, flower studios or other services that you may need every day will be established in the commercial premises located on the ground floors of the houses.

02_auto_parking.jpg   Prices for underground parking spaces from 17 000



LED lights and motion sensors to reduce electricity consumption.


Individual and shared bicycle storage facilities.


Waste sorting
containers in the yard.

The implemented solutions are not destroyed, saving building materials.


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