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  • 5/2/2017

New architectural solutions in Kaunas

On the King Mindaugas Avenue the most interesting architectural solutions can already be seen.

After six months of construction work contours of modern 7-storey business center ARKA are emerging. Narrow walking street splits the first floors of the building. Such building is the first in Kaunas, and it requires implementation of high end engineering and technological solutions.

Office building ARCH (LT. ARKA) given name is not in vain: the business center of the first two floors is divided into two parts including stretching historic Carmelite Street, and formed arch vault.

Above restored Carmelite street will emerge from all five floors of the building. In order to withstand such enormous weight in the ceiling above the street was laid more than 20 meters long and a meter wide and 1.6 m. high beams. Beam strength was increased in each of the 90 pre-charge after the installation of 1.5 cm in diameter ropes, which were tightened in several stages.

Total overlay was used about 600 cubic meters of concrete. Specially designed high-strength grade concrete has been used. All concrete hardening process was monitored by temperature sensors embedded into concrete, and the data was transferred directly to the Internet.

After completion of the 26-meter-high building construction work facade installation will be taken. The form of a glass cube building will get using a glass facade. Window glass is coated with special silk-screen pattern which will help to protect premises from solar heat.

The building owner company Imlitex Holdings will move the current office into 8.3 thousand. square meters office building ARKA and will occupy the top 2 floors of the building at the end of this year. The remaining 6,000 square meters of space will be leased.