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  • 12/20/2020

Lithuanian Product of the Year Award

On the 17th of December, nominees in the annual competition “Lithuanian Product of the Year” organised by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK) were announced for the 24th time. In total, 76 enterprises in fifteen assessment groups from 24 economic branches of the country were nominated for the awards. As every year, food industry companies retained their leading positions – 43 applications were received.

After summarising the conclusions of the experts, a commission consisting of experts and representing various industries and businesses, decided to award 51 gold and 10 silver medals. According to Vidmantas Janulevičius, the President of the LPK, the achievements of companies in Lithuania and in the world, despite such a tough time, demonstrate that we are ready to meet the challenges through our innovation.

“In the face of the pandemic, breaking supply chains, Brexit, etc., our businesses have a lot to show. Not only the adaptability of enterprises to difficult situations, but also the introduction of technology in their activities, the expanding range of new products and services show that our industry does not stop growing its capabilities. The business industry has a strong internal ramrod and stays competitive. Without any fear of seeking out non-traditional solutions, we will keep adapting to technological changes and surprise consumers from all over the world with new products and services every year,” says V. Janulevičius.

The main goal of the “Lithuanian Product of the Year” competition is to increase the competitiveness of high-quality Lithuanian products, to help them secure the market, to introduce national industrial goods and services to local or international consumers, to encourage them to choose high-quality Lithuanian products, and, thus, to enhance the development of Lithuanian business.

The ŠILO NAMAI residential quarter in Kaunas, presented to the commission of the “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2020” by YIT Lietuva, a sustainable urban development and construction company, was awarded a silver medal.