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  • 11/25/2020

The second phase of development project “Matau Vilnių” is completed. The third one begins.

The sustainable urban development company YIT Lietuva has completed the second phase of the residential housing project “Matau Vilnių” in the centre of Vilnius. New settlers will be able to move to the houses near Tauras Hill at the beginning of next year. The third phase construction will soon begin.

During the second phase of “Matau Vilnių”, a five-storey building of 42, 45-86 sq.m apartments, with a superstructure, rose up in the territory of the former brewery. On the ground floor, there are four commercial premises designed. Housing prices start from EUR 2,538 per square meter. More than a third of apartments at this phase are already sold out.

“Despite the global situation, we have completed the second phase earlier than we had planned and will soon start the third one. The project, which is being developed in the centre, on Aludarių Street, is mostly unique for magnificent views of the Old Town and the new city centre that open through the windows, as well as advanced solutions for a comfortable life. We observe that people still tend to show interest in modern housing, though, which has preserved its link with history, in view of the fact that there are fewer and fewer promising places for new projects in the city centre,” says Kęstutis Vanagas, General Manager of YIT Lietuva.

All of the ‘A’ energy efficiency class residential buildings designed by the architect Kęstutis Kisielius have efficient under-floor heating, separate recuperative ventilation system to provide the rooms with fresh air, to prevent dust getting through the windows, moisture accumulation, and to save heat costs. The apartments have spacious balconies and terraces.

At the third phase of development, YIT Lietuva is planning to build two five-storey buildings with 44 and 36 two- and four-room apartments, respectively. Housing area will range from 41 to 88 square meters; prices with partial finishing – from EUR 2,660 per square meter. For the general needs of both buildings, electricity will be generated by the roof-mounted 5.2 kW solar power plants, thus, making the new buildings more environmentally friendly. At the highest point of the terrain, the new-phase buildings are designed to provide an even wider panoramic view of the city.

"In terms of infrastructure and connectivity, the new project is located in an attractive location of the city, i.e., the Old Town can be easily reached on foot, there is no shortage of entertainment or shopping places around, and Geležinio Vilko Street is a fast and straight way to any part of the city. There is a higher demand for larger apartments under the project. Housing is mostly purchased for oneself rather than as an investment. The third phase of construction provides for the formation of the main green space for the new residential quarter, i.e., an inner yard with a terrace lawn and a panoramic view of the city, greenery and children's playgrounds,” says K. Vanagas.

For the convenience of residents, the third phase of “Matau Vilnių” provides for equipment of 74 parking spaces and charging stations for electric cars. The company is planning to complete the third phase in the spring of 2022.

The project “Matau Vilnių” is located in an authentic place of Vilnius: on one side, it is bordered by the bend of the Neris River, on the other side – the Taurus Hill. No less appreciated is historical and cultural value of the quarter: the surviving V. Chopin brewery complex, a building of the Agricultural Economics Research Institute designed by architect V. E. Čekanauskas are situated nearby. The fresco „Liaudies šventė” (“National Fest”) by N. Dashkova was preserved within the project which is being developed in the territory of the former brewery. The fresco is currently under restoration and will later decorate the walls of the buildings’ facades at the entrance to the courtyard.

YIT Lietuva is also currently implementing the following projects in Vilnius: the urban project “Naujasis Skansenas” in reviving Šnipiškės and the second phase of “Raitininkų Sodas” across the Kalnų Park. In Kaunas, the company keeps developing the urban project “Piliamiestis.”