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  • 5/13/2020

YIT Lietuva has completed the second and the last stage of the residential houses' project 'Naujoji Rivjera' in Vilnius

In the central part of the capital, on the bank of the River Neris, the construction of modern residential houses 'Naujoji Rivjera' has been completed. The sustainable urban development and construction company YIT Lietuva completed the project on Sporto Street several months earlier than planned. 'Naujoji Rivjera' is one of the last residential houses' projects implemented in Vilnius in the central part of the city near the River Neris, as there are simply no more plots for new housing constructions in such places.

The second stage of the 'Naujoji Rivjera' project consists of two 4- and 6-storey A + energy class buildings. They have 3 commercial premises and 55 1-4 room apartments with an area from 30 sq. m. to 130 sq. m. More than half of the apartments and all commercial premises are already sold. The project was focused on making the apartments as bright as possible and with as much natural light as possible: all apartments have balconies and extra-large windows with the view of the river and Gediminas Castle, and exclusive apartments are equipped on the upper floors with private terraces and impressive panoramic views of Vilnius. Some apartments are equipped over two floors. The closed courtyard of the project is also equipped with modern children's playgrounds and non-standard landscape-gardening solutions.

On the ground floors of the houses overlooking the Sporto Street, commercial premises are equipped, and under the ground there is a parking lot with bicycle storage and the possibility to install your own electric vehicle charging stations.

'Even when the normal rhythm of life in the country was disrupted by the quarantine, the construction works went smoothly, so we implemented the project even faster than planned. Residents' interest in apartments in an attractive part of the city has remained. We received a number of enquiries about the apartments of the 'Naujoji Rivjera' project from customers who had already purchased homes in our other projects. For example, customers living in the houses of the previous stage of the 'Rivjera' project are interested in the possibilities of purchasing a larger area apartment in the new project', says Kęstutis Vanagas, general manager of YIT Lietuva.

K. Vanagas points out that the possibility for residents, planning to purchase an apartment, to settle in or near the city center, as well as to live in a quiet environment surrounded by nature remains one of the biggest advantages - especially when such places in the city are rapidly decreasing. In addition, according to K. Vanagas, the residents continue to raise a high bar on the quality of housing and the experience of builders, one can feel a more attentive assessment of already implemented projects.

Houses designed by the architect Giedrius Stogis are located next to the Žirmūnai Bridge, which provides easy access to the Old Town of the city with a developed service infrastructure, cultural objects and spaces. The city center is also easily accessible from the new houses by the hiking and cycling trails leading along the river. Many popular recreational areas of the city are accessible within the walking distance - the sports and leisure zone on the riverside of Neris, developed by the municipality, the Bernardine Garden, Kalnų, Tuskulėnų and Č. Sugiharos Sakura parks.

During the development of the project, a particular attention was paid not only to a harmonious environment of the houses, inner courtyard, convenient apartment plan, but also to advanced technical solutions that ensure sound insulation, economical energy use and high air quality in the apartments. The apartments are equipped with a recuperative ventilation system, underfloor heating, and a solar power station on the roof of the higher building, the energy generated of which will be used in the common areas of the houses.

'YIT Lietuva' in Vilnius is also implementing such residential housing projects as 'New Skansen' (lith. „Naujasis Skansenas“), 'I See Vilnius' (lith. „Matau Vilnių“) and 'Raitininkų Sodas'. In Kaunas, the company is developing the urban district of Piliamiestis on the right bank of the River Neris and the project 'Šilo Namai'.