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  • 1/18/2021

YIT Lietuva will carry out the reconstruction of the bridge over the Vilka River in Pagėgiai Municipality

Reconstruction of the motorway bridge over the Vilka River, Tauragė county, Pagėgiai municipality, will start at the fourth kilometre of the highway Pagėgiai-Gudai-Sartai, in March. By order of the Lithuanian Road Administration, the works priced at over EUR 560K will be performed by YIT Lietuva, a sustainable urban development and construction company.

During the reconstruction, the existing steel bridge, which no longer meets modern safety standards, will be demolished and replaced with a new one to incorporate advanced engineering solutions and ensure smooth and safe flow of traffic. As per the design, the new bridge will be 25 meters long and 10 meters wide.

“When developing the country's road infrastructure, it is very important to focus not only on trunk roads, but also on national, regional, and local roads, which are important for convenient and safe communication, for economic vitality and development in regions. In this particular case, the reconstruction of the bridge in Pagėgiai municipality is highly significant in terms of traffic safety, because the existing facilities are outdated and no longer meet today's requirements,” says Kęstutis Vanagas, General Manager of YIT Lietuva.

The existing bridge over the river Vilka on the highway Pagėgiai-Gudai-Sartai was built in 1894. Experts have concluded that the bridge structures are worn out: its beams are cracked, the bearings are not functioning, the floor is corroded, the cross-section of trusses shrank to 60% in some places. Moreover, the bridge is too narrow to meet existing regulations, and that increases the risk of accidents on this section of the road.

These bridging works are planned to be completed by the spring of 2022. During the works, traffic will be diverted to a temporary bypass near the bridge.

Upon the renewal of the road construction season, YIT Lietuva will continue the reconstruction works at the sections of the trunk road A1 (Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipėda), will erect a multilevel tunnel at the intersection of the railway and motorway at the crossing of Lentvaris-Vievis . The company is having the following projects in progress in Vilnius: the residential housing project “Matau Vilnių” near the Tauras Hill and the urban project “Naujasis Skansenas” in reviving Šnipiškės. In Kaunas, the company is developing the urban project “Piliamiestis” on the right bank of the Neris River. Besides, it is building a business centre on Žalgirio Street and a production facility on Dvarčionių Street in Vilni