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  • 10/14/2021

YIT Lietuva is going to implement the reconstruction of the eastern and southern streets of Vilnius for 6 million euros

The sustainable urban and infrastructure development company YIT Lietuva will take care of the street reconstruction in the eastern and southern parts of Vilnius. According to the agreement signed with Vilnius City Municipality, the company will modernize and adapt to today's needs the streets in the eastern and southern parts of the city. The total value of the work, which is planned to be completed in two years‘ time, is 6 million euros.

Currently, according to the signed agreements, the reconstruction works of 1650 metres of Lentvario Street, 650 metres of Vaduvos Street and 700 metres of Gerosios Vilties Street have been planned. While implementing those works, the asphalt concrete pavement of the streets will be renewed, new pedestrian and bicycle paths will be installed and the existing ones will be renewed, raised crossings and parking lots will be installed and public transport stops will be repaired.

The reconstruction of intersections and entrances in the streets will be carried out as well. The renewed sections will have the traffic lanes narrowed to 3 metres wide. These works on the streets of Vilnius will ensure greater traffic safety and better conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.

“As Vilnius is expanding, the population of the capital is growing and the city is becoming densely populated, alternative means of transport and new forms of mobility are rapidly becoming popular, in order to meet today's needs it is important to ensure the infrastructure of the roads, streets, pedestrian and bicycle paths. It is not just convenient and safe communication and the quality of life in the city that depends on this infrastructure, but also the possibilities to reduce the impact of transport on the environment, and to deminish transportation costs,” says Kęstutis Vanagas, the General Manager of YIT Lietuva.

In order to minimize the inconvenience to the city residents due to the reconstruction of the streets, part of the work will be done during the dark hours of the day. If necessary, the traffic will also be diverted to other streets.

According to the Sustainable Mobility Plan approved by Vilnius City Municipality, various measures in the city are aimed at further reducing the negative consequences caused by cars until the year 2030, that is noise and pollution indicators and increasing safety in urban areas. For this purpose bicycle paths are being built and maintained, great attention is paid to the greening of transport, the distribution of its flows and the management of freight logistics.

YIT Lietuva is also currently carrying out reconstruction works on the main road A1 sections (Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipėda), the reconstruction of the Grigiškės-Dėdeliškės-Rykantai and Bendoriai-Riešė-Kalinas regional road in Vilnius district, repairing the A11 Šiauliai-Palanga main road, performing repair works on the Kretinga-Skuodas-Plungė and Griežpelkiai-Vilkyškiai national roads, reconstructing the viaduct near Rukla and the Bridge over the Eketė River in Klaipėda district.  At the same time the company is implementing other infrastructure development projects as well.

About the YIT Lietuva company group constructor

The sustainable urban development company YIT Lietuva has been operating in Lithuania since the year 1966 and belongs to one of the largest construction service groups in Eastern Europe, YIT Corporation, operating in ten countries. YIT Lietuva successfully implements contracting, housing, commercial real estate, building maintenance activities, infrastructure development and road construction works.