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  • 1/27/2022

YIT Lietuva for 1.3 million will carry out major repairs of the 3-kilometer section of the Verdainė-Pašyšiai road

This is not the first time that the sustainable urban and infrastructure development company YIT Lietuva will contribute to ensuring safer and more convenient car traffic in Šilutė district. The company will carry out major repairs of the almost 3-kilometer section of the Verdainė-Pašyšiai district road. This project will complete the overhaul of the entire road connecting five settlements in Šilutė district. The value of the planned works amounts to more than 1.3 million. euros.

During the repairs, the gravel road pavement will be asphalted, bus stops and sidings will be installed, reclamation works will be formed, turns will be formed, and horizontal and vertical road markings will be provided. The width of the asphalt pavement of the modernized two-lane road will reach 6 meters. Road extensions will be installed at the bus stops.

Repairs to the 7.2-kilometer-to-10-kilometer stretch of the road, which carries an average of about 180 cars a day, are scheduled to begin in March and be completed by the end of this year. Overhaul of the road will help to ensure safer, more convenient and economical communication between the settlements of Verdainė, Kirlikai, Tarvydai, Piktaičiai and Pašyšiai.

"When developing a modern road infrastructure network in the country, great attention should be paid not only to the main traffic arteries, but also to roads of regional significance. They are often in poor condition and have a higher accident rate. Asphalting and modernization of roads increase traffic flow, reduce transport pollution and ensure better social and economic integration of individual settlements and regions. With our experience, competencies and technical capabilities, we constantly contribute to the implementation of these goals, ”says Kęstutis Vanagas, CEO of YIT Lietuva.

A few years ago, YIT Lietuva also carried out overhaul works on the first 4.6 km section of the Verdainė-Pašyšiai road. Thus, in total, the company was entrusted with the repair of about 70 percent of the road.

Road repair design works were performed by the company Viaprojektas.